Course Guidelines and Procedures  

Mrs. Theresa Rowe, English III

Hernando High School


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Course Guidelines and Procedures

I. Course Guidelines

                  Through small group work, interpersonal interaction, and independent learning, students will form a solid base of knowledge of literature, grammar, and vocabulary while improving writing and communication skills. Additionally, students will use the knowledge and skills gained to make interdisciplinary and personal connections to the world around them.

                  As a class, we will aim at reaching the high standards set for all English classes at Hernando High School and those standards set by Desoto County, but most importantly, we will aim to reach the high standards we will set for ourselves. The core selection of novels, short stories, essays, dramas, and poems which includes, but is not limited to The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, and Their Eyes Were Watching God, are central to the course and essential in connecting academic learning to real life situations, mastering the objectives, and reaching our individual classroom goals. This class will be one of the most challenging classes due to the rigorous demands and high expectations, but can prove to be one of the most rewarding.

Goals: approaching and achieving Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards, which consist of…

1.     writing composition (descriptive, division-classification, position/argument, narrative, and research essays)

2.     improving oral and media communication skills (presentations)

3.     comprehending American literature texts to include

a.     extended texts (novels, plays)

b.     short stories/poetry

c.     informational texts (non-fiction)

d.     U.S. foundational texts

4.     vocabulary/grammar

II. A.C.T.

                  Part of the requirements of the English III class is to reinforce and remediate English and Reading skills necessary to be successful on the A.C.T. test. As such bell work and practice A.C.T. tests will be given regularly to help assess readiness. Students will be graded on these tests; however, tests are graded on a curve. Every junior will take the official A.C.T. (at no cost to the student) at the end of February.

III. Classroom Procedures:

1.     As you enter the classroom, please present yourself respectfully, act responsibly, and try to have a positive attitude.

a.     Begin bell work that is provided or projected on the board as soon as you enter the classroom. There will be bell work every day, and A.C.T. bell work will always be timed.

b.     Bell work checks will occur frequently and will count as a QUIZ grade.

2.     Each day’s objectives, assignments, and homework will be posted in the classroom and online.

3.     Assignments should be turned in to the gray organizer designated for the appropriate period. DO NOT TURN IN WORK ON MY DESK.

4.     Everyday we will work from bell to bell. Do not assume that class ends 5 minutes early and do not ask to leave my class to go to another teacher’s room…ever.

IV. General Classroom Information

Cell Phones: If I see your cell phone or suspect you of using it without permission, I will take it. Cell phones will only be allowed in class when I have given explicit instruction for usage.

Food/Drinks: No food is allowed in the classroom and only plastic containers that have a screw-on top are allowed for drinking. If you are with me for advisory, you are expected to eat your snack outside of my classroom. Having food and drinks in the classroom leads to messes, and messes lead to unwanted visitors.

Restroom: You will be given 3 bathroom passes per 9 weeks. If these are not used, you may turn them back in to me and receive extra credit on your exam (9 weeks/semester).

Participation: If you sleep during my class, I will not wake you. However, you will receive a weekly grade based upon participation (Class Dojo). Points will either be added or taken away during class time according to what you do or do not do. Other areas that will affect your weekly grade adversely are: complaining, dominating the discussion, being distracted or distracting, being off task, having your phone during class time without permission, making random remarks, being unprepared. Areas that will affect your grade positively are: checking your phone, helping others, showing leadership, being on task, participating, being persistent, working well within a group.

Excuses: I do not accept excuses for failing to do assignments. All assignments will be posted on the board and online. If you do not understand something, you must let me know immediately. If an assignment is due and you have no means to contact me, you must attempt to complete it whether you understand it or not – YOU MUST TRY!

V. Absences/Late Work

All assignments (classwork and homework) are posted online and on the board. It is your responsibility to check my website and collect make-up work from me after an absence. Follow this procedure upon your return to school:

1.     Check the website/board and copy all work missed.

2.     Collect make-up work from the “While you were out…” binder – sign and date.

3.     List the date(s) you were absent in the top right corner of the assignment. Due dates for make-up work are according to Board Policy (see Student Handbook).

4.     Complete the assignment(s) and turn in by the due date or receive a ZERO in the grade book.

5.     If you are absent the day BEFORE a test, you are required to take that test on the original test date. The day before a test is usually a review day. No new information is given the day before a test.

6.     If you are absent on the test day, you are expected to take the test when you return to school. All tests must be made up outside of class. A student will have 3 days to schedule and make up a missed test. After 3 days, a student will receive a ZERO for the test.

7.     If you leave school for a school activity and have an assignment due on that day, you are required to turn the assignment in before 2:55 p.m. the day of the trip. If you have a test on the day of a school activity, you are required to make up the test the next day.

VI. Materials Needed

·       2 folders with brads (1 for ACT and 1 for Writing Portfolio)

·       Section in 3-ring binder for handouts

·       Pen/Pencil

·       Google drive

Suggestions for Success

·       If you need help, ask for it! I want you to succeed.

·       If you are struggling, let me know as soon as possible. The sooner you recognize you have a problem, the sooner we can solve it.

·       Be honest with me. Excuses will get you nowhere. Own up to your shortcomings and learn from them. I will respect you more as a result.

·       Work hard and show initiative. I take that into consideration.

·       Accept that no one can be responsible for your actions except you. You determine your failure or success.

·       Be curious. Ask Questions. Don’t accept less than your best…ever!

·       Show respect to everyone. What goes around comes around.

Wish List (5 points extra credit per item/25 point maximum) – will only be accepted at the beginning of each 9 weeks

Facial tissue

Index cards

Sharpie markers

Mechanical pencils

Paper towels

Pens (Gel are my fav.)

Printer paper

I understand the policies and procedures for Mrs. Rowe’s English III class, and I realize that consequences will follow if rules are broken. Please sign and return by Friday, January 12, 2018.

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Google Drive Account  

All students are required to have a Google account. Having access to Google Drive allows students to create, save, and send assignments with greater ease.


In English III there are many assignments that need to be completed outside of class. For this reason, I manage an account that allows me to send text messages to remind students of upcoming due dates. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this service.

To sign up for my English III remind, text @e3hhs to 81010.