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Mrs.  Shawn  Swift
Algebra II, PSAT I & II/ACT, Geometry
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Assignments during this LONG SNOW Break...  

You should have completely filled in the slope/linear equation packet with notes or work.  Photos of the notes are on REMIND... see below on this page if you have not signed up.  You should have also completed the Algebra Review sheet, front and back.  We will work on Reflection, Rotation and Translation when we return to school.  Expect  a test next Tuesday or Wednesday, covering all of Chapter 1.  We will spend time in review prior to the test.

Accessing Textbook Online  

Use the following pins to register for the ebook at



Geometry 1st Block Spring

Hernando High


Geometry 2nd Block Spring 

Hernando High 


See the video on how students can enroll using PINs:


I will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for homework help at 7:05.  You must show by 7:10 - your pass should be on your interactive notebook back cover.  A record will be kept of your attendance.  Make sure you have attempted/started homework and have SPECIFIC questions.

Afterschool tutoring is on Tuesdays until 3:40 p.m. 

Please take advantage of all of these opportunities if needed. If you want to tutor with another teacher, please do so.  My goal is for you to build your math skills using any tool available.

CHECK out my LINKS and File Manager  

Links are helpful interactive websites or videos to reinforce objectives in class.

File Manager will contain keys and other useful PDFs from class.



Remind Information:  TEXT 81010

For Geometry  @16589

For PSAT @psat89


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