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Personal Narrative
Due Date: 8/15/2017
Subject: English IV

Directions: Think of a moment in your life that you most remember. It can be something funny, sad, embarrassing, exciting. You are going to write a narrative telling me about this event.

·      This must be typed and must be in MLA format. (Depending on when Mrs. Van is ready, we may be able to get a laptop cart, but that is not guaranteed. Do NOT rely on being able to type your paper in class!)

·      You must only focus on ONE EVENT! Don’t tell me about your entire tee-ball career; tell me about the time you hit the ball and ran the bases backwards. Don’t tell me about your entire relationship with your significant other; tell me about the best moment . . . or the worst.

·      Be creative!! This is a story! Make sure I am hooked from the first sentence until the end.

·      Be honest! Don’t embellish the details to make your story seem better. Tell me exactly what happened and how it happened.

·      No one else is going to read these narratives except you and me. The only exceptions are the same that apply to the journals.

·      There is no length limit, but if your story is only a couple paragraphs, there is no way it is the most memorable event in your life.

Your rough draft is due Friday, August 11. Remember the penalties for not turning in your work on time!! On Friday, you will peer edit your narrative. Your final draft will be due Tuesday, August 15.

Journal Topics Unit 1
Due Date: 8/10/2017
Subject: English IV

Journals will be due every Thursday at the beginning of class. Your journal must be typed and must be at least 250 words. It should be in MLA format and be double-spaced. Journals are not graded on grammar or content but based on if you answered the question and met the length requirement.

Anything you write in your journals will remain confidential. The only exception is if you write about wanting to hurt yourself or someone else or you write about someone hurting you.

Note the due dates next to each topic!

1 (8/10/17): What makes a hero? Give your definition and all characteristics that make a person a hero in your opinion.

2 (8/17/17): Who are your heroes? They can be real people or fictional characters. Why are they your heroes?

3 (8/24/17): Have you ever been the hero in a situation? Describe this situation.

4 (8/31/17): Do you think heroes should be treated differently than ordinary people? Should we treat them like we treat everyone else? Explain your reasoning.