Carol Houston

Work Based Learning

Dear WBL Students,

I hope this letter finds you well and excited for the upcoming academic year. As we prepare for the start of the new term, I have some essential updates and requirements to share with those of you enrolled in the Work Based Learning (WBL) class.

First, I want to clarify that during your Work Based Learning block, you will not be required to physically attend the WBL class at the school. Instead, you will be actively engaged in your work-based experiences at your respective workplaces. This means that you must already have secured employment for this program to be eligible.

To ensure clear communication and receive important updates, I have set up a Remind group exclusively for the Work Based Learning class. Your first assignment is to join the Remind group using the following code: @hhs-wbl. This platform will serve as a crucial channel for sharing essential information, deadlines, and any other announcements related to the class.

Additionally, please be aware that there will be mandatory assignments for the Work Based Learning class on Schoology, our online learning management system. It is imperative to regularly check Schoology for any updates, resources, or materials pertaining to your WBL experience.

One of the most critical requirements for your participation in the Work Based Learning class is the submission of a mandatory work-related form. This form, which includes required proof of insurance and a parent's signature, will be posted in Schoology by noon on Thursday, August 3rd, and must be turned in by Wednesday, August 9th. Failure to submit the form by the given deadline will result in your removal from the Work Based Learning program.

In Schoology, you can easily access the designated section for WBL, where you will find more information about the program. This section will contain the necessary documents, assignments, and the grading policy.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of adhering to these guidelines and requirements. Work Based Learning offers invaluable opportunities for hands-on experiences and real-world learning, and I want each one of you to make the most of this opportunity.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Work Based Learning class or the requirements mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to me at, or inquire at the school office, where I can be located. As of now, I will be floating around the school since my new office is being used to house our new school computers.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. I am looking forward to a productive and enriching Work Based Learning program for each one of you.

Mrs. Carol Houston

C Houston
College and Career

About the Teacher

I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I grew up as a military brat. I’ve lived in Sacramento, California; Wiesbaden, Germany; Athens, Greece; Minot, North Dakota; and Phoenix, AZ. Growing up my vacations were spent camping throughout Europe.


Education and Certifications:


Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Crichton College with a minor in Secondary Education.

Graduated:  Cum Laude

Masters of Educational Theory and Practice from Arkansas State University



Bible (7-12)

Business Management (7-12)

Computer Application (K-12)

Computer Discovery (7-12)

Computer Science (7-12)

Elementary Education (K-3)

Elementary Education (4-6)

English (7-12)

Social Studies (7-12)

Technology Foundations

Work Based Learning


National Board Certified Teacher, Career and Technical Education

Teaching Experience:

Southwind Middle School – Memphis, TN 6th Grade – Math/ Social Studies – 9 years

Schilling Farms Middle School –Collierville, TN  7th Grade – English/ Gifted English – 1 year

Shelby County Schools - Worked as a Curriculum Technology Specialist CTS – 3 years

DeSoto Central Middle School –Southaven, MS 7th Grade Social Studies/ 8th Grade Technology – 17 years

Hernando High School -Hernando, MS College and Career Readiness, Jobs for MS Grads, Travel and Tourism, Work Based Learning



My husband and I have been married for 37 years and have lived in Desoto County our entire adult lives. I have 3 boys.  My oldest son, 31, a graduate from the United States Air Force Academy and is now stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. My 27-year-old son is an Air Traffic controller in Little Rock, Arkansas.  My youngest son, 24, graduated high school from the Mississippi School for Math and Science (MSMS) in Columbus, MS and graduated college from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co. He is currently stationed at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi. 


What I Enjoy:

Attending Compel Church, spending time with my family, traveling, working at Hernando High School, camping, sports, going to the movies, eating popcorn, and working out.







Important updates for Work Based Learning (WBL) class:


1. You won't attend the WBL class at school. Instead, you'll be actively engaged in work-based experiences at your job.


2. Join Remind using code: @hhs-wbl for class updates and announcements.


3. Required WBL assignments will be on Schoology. Check regularly for resources.


4. Submit mandatory work-related form by August 9th with insurance proof and parent signature on Schoology. Missing the deadline means removal from WBL.


5. Find WBL section on Schoology for program details, documents, assignments, and grading policy.


Seize this opportunity for valuable hands-on learning! Reach out if you have questions.