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I know that you all have questions about testing for this semester, the best I can tell you right now, is that we are continually getting updates from MDE and the district. I will post updates as I get them.  Thank you for your patience during this chaos!  I can assure you that DCS and HHS have the best interest of our students at heart and working hard to keep you informed.  Please check here regularly for the most current information on all testing.


JUNIOR ACT from Feb. 25, 2020

Scores are starting to come in-IF your student had taken the ACT before Feb. 25 and completed pre-test answer sheet information EXACTLY the same way as when they first registered for a national exam, they should see in their online account.  If they had never tested before OR they completed pre-test information with variations, they will have to wait to get scores via USPS.  Students who took with accommodations will be later getting scores.  Students typically get scores before the school gets them.  As of Wednesday, when I was last at HHS, I have not seen the school's copy of scores yet. 

UPDATE:  Just spoke with ACT (March 25)--scores are going out, but some may not get for a while-they come in batches and it takes 2-7 weeks from the date they receive tests back from school (approx. March 2).  SO.....scores could take up to approx. April 20, 2020.  Irregularities and accommodated scores could take longer.


For those who have paid for AP exams:

General AP Update

1.    Please refer to the following link to find test dates, times, and a general overview of what the revised test format looks like. Please remember to locate the test time for the Central Time Zone. Most AP Updates have Eastern Time zone information, please make sure you are aware that HHS is located in the Central Time Zone


2.    On test day, please login using the link that is emailed to you 30 minutes prior to the test time.

3.    Please make sure that your email is NOT your school email. You need to use a personal email account to ensure the test link does not get deleted by the DCS spam filter. If you need to update this, go into your AP Profile and update before April 24th.

4.    On test day, if you have a complication with Internet, technology, or submission, you will fill out an incident report directly with College Board. This will allow them to reset your test, and then you will attempt to test again during the June retest window.

5.    Per the board, if you decide not to take your AP test, you will still receive your weighted credit for the Spring of 2020.

6.    If you are considering opting out of your AP Exam, please contact your teacher. After your teacher feels that you fully understand the new testing requirements and formats, if you still select to not test, they will provide you a link to apply for a refund.

  1. April 13 Student Practice  - The AP Program has already unlocked relevant free-response questions in AP Classroom for digital use so teachers can assign free-response questions that students can take at home. Starting April 13, students, including students in exam-only sections, will see a new Optional Student Practice section that includes the most relevant free-response questions (FRQs) to help them practice the concepts and skills that will be tested in May 2020. Students can answer these in any order, and they'll have an opportunity to review how each question will be scored before they submit so they can review and revise their answer.
  2. AP Parent Webinar - Thursday, April 16th 7pm EST Help Your Student Prepare for AP Exams Webinar. Parents are invited to join a webinar hosted by Trevor Packer, head of the AP Program, to learn more about at-home testing, the exam schedule, and AP review classes. He'll interview an AP teacher about how to  best prepare for exams and a representative from college admissions about how students can earn college credit and placement with exam scores.  Registration link can be found here
  3. The AP Program sent an email to AP students on Monday, April 13 with their exam schedule and they will also survey students to learn more about AP plans. If you did not get this email, you should contact College Board directly at 888-225-5427 or by email at

*****Stay up to date with CollegeBoard AP Exam information here:



See DCS website for most current information.


Sophomore ACT that was scheduled for March 24:

Test is canceled.  Refunds will be issued.  It is not known at this time the date/method of refund delivery.  I will post more when I know more.


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