HHS Final Exam Schedule


Thursday, December  18, 2014

3rd Block - 11:21 - 1:17

4th Block - 1:23 - 2:57


Friday, December 19, 2014

1st Block - 7:35 - 9:09

2nd Block - 9:41 - 11:15






 BIG THANKS to    for sponsoring our November Character Trait Recognition Contest.



November Character Trait winners for TRUSTWORTHY sponsored by  


Sallie Carver, *Veronica Cheng, Lindsey Chun, Lauren Cookston, Madison Doyle, Sarah Laurie, Paige Lawson, Andres Liberato, Ashley Lovorn, Michaela MacLain, Josh Miller, Mary Douglas Simpson, Tiarra Smith, Mabry Stanfill, Charlotte Statzer, *Andrew Stewart, *Bobbie Taylor, Kat Uher

*not pictured



HHS Yearbooks are on sale now! 

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Beginning October 1, 2014 we will not be accepting phone call check-outs. 

No check-outs after 2:20.

Parent Attendance Letter

DCS Attendance Policy 


Beginning Tuesday, September 30, if a student is absent 1st Block, an automated phone dialer will contact the parent at the beginning of 2nd Block which is 9:41 am.    


HHS Tigershark Sets New Standard
HHS Students Have it "In The Bag"

Sports Events
12/22/2014 to 1/5/2015
•  Christmas Holidays  (Cross Country Running Team)
•  *Possible Makeup Day  (Cross Country Running Team)

Guidance Events
12/22/2014 to 1/2/2015
•  Christmas Holidays
SATP2 Testing   
May 5-12, 2014

AP Testing   
May 5-14, 2014