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* Please make yourself aware of the expectations and standards for our team (See "Expectation Page" in "Forms" link).

* 2016-2017 Schedule (Tentative) can be found in the "Forms" link.

* Make sure all forms are filled out before 1st practice (1.30).

* Fundraiser forms and explanations can be found in the "Forms" link.



Rules of the Road:

-- Remember, you are a STUDENT-athlete. You must make it in the classroom before you can make it in the meet.

-- Take care of your body. Eat clean, drink water, and stretch. If you want the reward, you have to put in the time.

-- Compete. You will compete against other teams, but your biggest competition comes from your teammates and within yourself. Fight through the pain and the doubt. 


Please sign up for the HHS Track and Field Remind101. This is a free text message service and will be the primary way I will give out info. If you have a question, email me at


- Text @NandoFast to (925) 270-1339 OR 81010 if the first number doesn't work




























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