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Hernando High School
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National Honor Society

National Honor Society 2021-22

Please check the NHS Schoology page for updates and service opportunities. 


National Honor Society is a group of elite students at Hernando High School, as well as all over the country.


o Being a member of the National Junior Honor Society has no effect on whether a student is inducted into the National Honor Society.

o A student is eligible to be inducted into the National Honor Society Spring of their sophomore year.

o A student must maintain an overall average of 95 and must be enrolled in classes totaling four academic credits.

o The NHS Faculty Committee considers any discipline infractions excessive. A student with a level 1 or 2 offense may be inducted on a probationary period.

o Students with a discipline referral of level 3 or higher will not be inducted.

o A transfer student, who is not already members of NHS, must have been enrolled at HHS for 2 semesters before being eligible for NHS.

Conduct/Demerit Policy

As National Honor Society members, it is important to adhere to current NHS policy. It is imperative that NHS members understand the consequences of actions deemed inappropriate by the NHS Faculty Committee.

If a student has a level one discipline offense, the student will be on probation. A second level one offense will result in dismissal. A discipline referral for cell phones will result in probation. A discipline referral of level 2 or higher will result in dismissal.

Meeting dates and times are posted and announced via Schoology well in advance; NHS members should endeavor to attend every meeting. If a member must be absent from a meeting, Mrs. Floate should be notified immediately. Any unexcused absence will result in one demerit.

NHS members should also make every attempt to meet all deadlines (paying dues, submitting paper work and completing community service hours). Missing a deadline will result in one demerit.

Receiving three demerits is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Any NHS member who does not participate in the completion of individual service hours or group project will be automatically dismissed.

To remain active members of The National Honor Society, students must be enrolled in classes totaling four academic credits. Additionally, to be considered an honor graduate, an NHS member's semester GPA must be a 95 or better, and Algebra 1 plus three higher math credits or three sciences must have been taken previously.

A student whose average falls below 95 will be placed on probation. The student will have one semester to reinstate his/her 95 average. If the 95 average is not reinstated and maintained until graduation, the student will be dismissed.

Seniors who are inducted senior year must maintain a 95 cumulative average. There is no probationary period for newly inducted seniors. This means seniors who are inducted senior year must have a 9 average to wear a stole at graduation.

Questions regarding:

Community service should be directed to

GPA should be directed to