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Mrs. Victoria Moore




SREB9- Text @Mooresreb to 81010
English II- @MooreHHS to 81010



I've never been great at these "about me" things, which is strange, because I'm a writer at heart. If I had to sum up all of the intricacies of myself, I'd narrow it down to four words: God, wife, mother, teacher. These four words hold much more weight and meaning than mere letters, and they make up, for the most part, who I am and why I do what I do. 

Important Class Information


3 ring binder & dividers
Notebook Paper

Something to write with!

Yes, the rumors are true. This class is hard and takes hard work. Just always remember: it is okay (good, actually!) to struggle, and I am here to help you along the way!

Assignment Weights

Daily grades- 15%

Homework/Quizzes- 25%

Tests- 40%

Exams (term & semester)- 20%

Students are responsible for scheduling tutoring, test make-ups/test corrections, submitting make-up work on time, and completing/submitting replacement grades on time.


Helpful Resources (Edgenuity) (search for course hero)